5 Ways That Less Is More On Valentine’s Day

5 Ways That Less Is More On Valentine’s Day

We know Valentine’s Day is one of those inescapable days on the calendar now.

It’ll all start this week: heart-shaped balloons, big teddies, oversized cards… you won’t be able to do your weekly shop without bumping into a giant character from a Forever Friends card. But, it doesn’t have to break the bank… you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day on a sensible budget. How? Offers… that’s how!

Keep your eye on Tiger Tiger over the next few days, as we’ve got something special lined up soon. But, for now, here are the top five ways that spending less will mean more on Valentine’s Day 2016…

1. Two For One Drinks Offers

Who doesn’t love a good ‘twofer’? Keep your eyes peeled for drinks promotions and take advantage of the infamous ‘two-for-one’ offers on cocktails and fizz this Valentine’s Day. If you get, erm, lucky, maybe it’ll stretch to a bottle of wine as well…

2. Buy One Get One Free Meals

Why take two bottles into the shower… oh’, sorry, wrong promotion. But, you know what we mean: why buy two meals, when a ‘buy one get one free’ can keep hunger at bay for both you and your special someone. Chances are you’ll be sharing anyway, so keep an eye out for meal deals and get the most out of your Valentine’s Day meal.

3. Free Gifts Make Great Presents

We’re always being offered something for free these days. We bet you do the same as us: say ‘no thanks,’ grab your mobile and keep walking. But, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not stop and chat? Spend that extra few minutes at the checkout, petrol station or with a door-stepper and take advantage of that free gift on offer. All loved ones love a floral design biro don’t they?

4. Last Minute Deals

Leave it late, start to panic and pick up your phone… your old friend Google will be there to help. You can get some great late deals online too, especially if you’re prepared to spend the day online. Put the hours in now and save cash in the future – when else would you book a weekend in beautiful Buxton?!

5. Free Shots!

If all else fails, and Valentine’s Day 2016 is looking like a washout, hit the top shelf and get the party started! We all have a favourite bar that we know will hand out the shots with a big round… so get a group of your favourite couples together, hit the bars and guarantee yourselves some free shots around the town. Don’t forget to dress up to the nines, too, that always improves the chances of free shots!