7 (outrageous!) highlights from fashion week

7 (outrageous!) highlights from fashion week

Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep. –Madonna

Fashion week is all about setting the trends not following them, but we think we may have found the inspiration behind some of these masterpieces.

I think I’ve seen that in my granny’s bathroom…

 London Fashion Week Fashion

Maybe it is OK to live a hundred years as a sheep when cardigan is life!

From convict to catwalk


Hey do you know Mike Wazowski? 


No. 1 groupie – Empire of the Sun. FYI this was found in the “ready to wear” section… perfect for your next night out at Tiger?



How did they even do that!?


Preach Coco – I think Vera Wang agrees

 Tiger Tiger fashion week  Coco Chanel


Walking into Tiger with your squad like…

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