7 Perfectly Good Reasons to Love February

7 Perfectly Good Reasons to Love February

Yes, it’s February…known to be one of the dreariest months of the year. It’s not quite got the ‘new year new you’ excitement of January, yet it doesn’t have the lure of spring either.

But we here at Tiger Tiger think February’s bad rep is a little undeserved. Here we present you with seven perfectly good reasons to love this humble month.

1. It’s a short month, and follows your first pay check after Christmas.

This should be a major pro in itself. No longer does pay-day have to be about recouping your losses from the big C (unless you really overspent…). No, it can now be used for buying whatever you want, and as it’s a short month, the next check will be around before you know it.

2. Drinking is more fun now that Dry January is over.

Finally – no more excuses not to go out! Whether you’ve been hearing them or making them, you can now put all of that nonsense to one side and start enjoying life again. In moderation, of course.

3. 17th Feb – say hello to Mardi Gras.

You don’t have to be in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. Use this international festival to celebrate extravagant cocktails and tropical fancy dress with your favourite buddies. With various events going on in pretty much every major city, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of this summer-infused spectacle.

4. Creme Eggs have now hit the shelves.

Calling all Creme Egg fans…your time has come. Creme Eggs are now on the shelves, so it’s high time you get collecting these goo-filled treats in order to have a decent stash by the time Easter comes around. If you can resist eating them before then, of course…

5. It’s the last official month of winter.

We know…March is definitely more than capable of snow – that much has been proven. But with the knowledge that February is technically the last month of winter, how can we NOT get excited over the prospect of spring on the horizon?!

Oh, and FYI: if you’ve still got that posh faux fur never-been-worn coat hanging around, now’s the time to flaunt it for all its worth. It may be chilly, but the rain seems to have done one. For now…

6. Chinese New Year is on the 19th.

Another reason to celebrate (as if we need one) – Chinese New Year! Year of the Monkey, specifically. This is the perfect excuse to head out on the town and stuff one’s face with all the Chinese food one can manage. And with so many awesome festivals taking place across the country, you should have no problem getting in the mood.

7. Tiger Tiger has some pretty tasty offers on right now.

We wouldn’t leave you guys to survive February on your own – that’s why we’ve got some extra-generous offers and deals running throughout the whole month. At the moment you can get a £150 party package for just £100, giving you that much-needed night out for less.

Be quick though – these packages are limited and available only for the next 56 hours. So what are you waiting for? Go kick February’s butt.