9 of the Best Things About January

9 of the Best Things About January

January may be freezing and your wallet may be withering, but it’s not all doom and gloom. January actually has it’s good points – not least of all our 50{c5c77e9c80c00ad5374fc6d6ecb6341fc292b0f2de457d7c0c3133dab2c520cf} January sale (hello!).

Here are 9 of the best things to love about January.

1. Quiet time

The crazy hustle and bustle has calmed down a little and your social calendar is looking much less snug. The social pressure is eased a little; FOMO is no longer a worry; the temptation to spend is lowered and you feel like you can breathe again.

Yup, the quietness of January rarely comes too soon for many.

2. A new start

Whether you love or hate new year’s resolutions, few can deny the relief felt once January begins. Forget the guilty habits you amassed during December – it’s time to forgive yourself and move on. Now is the perfect time for change and to start your slate anew. You’ve come back to work feeling refreshed after Christmas and pretty much everyone else is trying to make a change – meaning you’re not alone.

Even if your resolutions don’t come true or you stumble in the second week, who cares? You can still enjoy the blissful optimism that comes with the start of the month.

3. January SALES

So your bank balance is still recovering, but if there’s anything you need, January is the time to get it. There are sales on everything, so whatever it is you’re after – homeware, fitness gear, health supplements, clothes – be sure to take advantage of the slashed prices.

Plus, nothing perks you up after Chrimbo like a new pair of back-to-work shoes. Just us?

4. The days are getting lighter

Yes, you read that correctly. Now that it’s January, the shortest day of the year is officially well behind us, and we can finally start dreaming about long sunny days once again. Phew.

5. Your house/apartment feels bigger

The Christmas tree and accompanying decs may have been packed away, but hey! Look at all that SPACE.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes when your living room isn’t cluttered with presents, gift wrap, Christmas cards and tinsel. The only thing to do now is work out what to do with your new-found space. Maybe time for that sexy coffee table you saw in a January sale…

6. Weekends are your own again

Suddenly weekends are a vast expanse of space, waiting to be filled up with whatever you fancy. No more shopping lists, gift research, card writing, decorating, wrapping, visiting or partying. Nope – you can simply go right back to doing whatever YOU want.

And whatever that may be, we’re not gonna judge.

7. The grocery store is calm

Gone are the times when the grocery store would be both a myriad of temptation and a navigating nightmare. Gone are the trolley jams, (long) queues, crowds and fights for the last box of mince pies. Finally you can do your grocery shop in peace.

8. New seasons of your favourite TV shows

We almost forgot to mention that January is great because it’s still totally acceptable to spend evenings after work cosied up watching Netflix. But not only that – 2017 is likely to bring new seasons of all your fave TV shows…meaning a whole new bounty of binge-watching pleasure.

9. 50{c5c77e9c80c00ad5374fc6d6ecb6341fc292b0f2de457d7c0c3133dab2c520cf} off at your nearest Tiger Tiger

If you DO happen to need a bit of January cheer, Tiger Tiger is offering 50{c5c77e9c80c00ad5374fc6d6ecb6341fc292b0f2de457d7c0c3133dab2c520cf} off food and drink all throughout the month! Perfect for a nice catch-up dinner with friends or cheap after-work cocktails (for those not doing Dry January).

Just pop over this way to grab yourself a voucher.