9 Essential Mobile Apps for Your Night Out

9 Essential Mobile Apps for Your Night Out

We all think we know how to have a good time, right? We’ve got our favourite bars, our favourite people, our favourite foods and favourite music. Hell, some of us might even have our pre (and post)-night out routine down pat, with any deviation from this presumed to be an absolute cry of madness.

However, these handy mobile apps can be a useful addition to your night out, enhancing some parts and breaking you out of a rut in others. Many of them are free, of course, with one or two being a very cheap (yet worthy, we feel) investment to your happiness. Trust us – you can say thank you later.

Here are 9 mobile apps you need for your night out.

1. Howl

You might be used to planning your night with friends via Whatsapp. But what if things could be made much simpler than all the usual to-ing and fro-ing?

Howl is an app that allows you to sort your contact list into ‘packs’. Using the Foursquare API, you can check into any location and then send ‘howls’ to any of your packs to arrange a night out. Invitees can then swipe left or right to indicate whether they are coming or busy. You pick up points for ‘howling’, and for accepting other people’s howls.

2. OpenTable

Already a hit across the globe, OpenTable is the ultimate app for discovering eating places and arranging dinner dates. Whether its a celebratory meal or pre-drink munches, you can discover new restaurants by cuisines and location; view menus; check availability and make a reservation.

All that’s left for you to do then is turn up and indulge.

3. Uber

Most people have probably already caught onto the Uber craze by now, but if not, allow us to catch you up.

Rather than the struggles of trying to order a taxi on the phone or standing around freezing at the end of a night, Uber-users can simply order a cab via the app which will match them with a driver in their area. You can pay fare with a credit card or Apple Pay, so no cash needed.

Track your driver on the map and receive a friendly message when they arrive, which shows the driver’s name, photo, car model and reg number. Some cars even allow riders to play their own music through the car speakers, enhancing their journey even further.

All controversy aside, we feel that Uber really is a strong part of a stress-free night out.

4. FourSquare

Again, nothing new here perhaps. But Foursquare can be a great way to remember places you’ve stumbled across, especially when in the midst of alcohol-fueled merriness.

When you’re in a new bar, club or restaurant you love, check in using the app and let your friends know. Whether you want people to see where you are or where you’ve been, you’ll at least be able to review places you’ve visited for future reference.

5. Time Out

Keep up to date with what’s going on in your city with Time Out – the ultimate guide when it comes to eating, drinking and socialising. The site’s handy little app allows you to view hotspots, events and offers in your area, so you’ll never be far from the latest action. Use to get inspired and plan your perfect night out.

6. Shazam

What’s that song again? Can’t remember. Damn. Moment gone. Song lost. And you’ll never have a musical reference for the time you were kissing that really hot guy on the dance floor.

Well now, NO MORE. Thanks to Shazam, you can remember all the hits of a fabulous night out simply by pointing your phone in the direction of the music (in a club, this shouldn’t be hard). The app will recognise almost any track and give you the song title and artist, so you’ll be able to relive the memories the next day and beyond. Use it to build up your pre-drink playlist for the time you’re out.

7. Instagram

Duh, who DOESN’T have Instagram these days? Use the app to immortalise your favourite moments and show everybody else who isn’t there how much of a swell time you’re having.

Add a fancy filter and show how pretty your burger is. And with Instagram Stories, you get to part-take in hilarious ten second videos which are conveniently gone in 24 hours. (We’ll leave you to decide whether Snapchat is better.)

8. Drink-o-Tron/101 Drinking Games

Once you’re round the table, sat in your booth or at the bar, Drink-o-Tron will be your ultimate resource to get the party well underway (available on iOS). For Android, you’ve got 101 Drinking Games, which even gives you a digital dice and coins so you don’t need any actual objects. Sweet!

9. Drunk Dial NO!

If you’re the kind of person who’s prone to calling your ex when drunk or texting inappropriate things to your boss, Drunk Dial NO! has got you covered. Select a contact (or collection of contacts) in your phone book who you definitely DO NOT want to contact when drunk. Drunk Dial NO! will cleverly block any interaction with these contacts for around 12 hours, saving you inevitable embarrassment and shame the next morning.

If the hard block is a little too much, however, you can take the softer route by writing a message to your drunk self from your sober self, asking if they “really want to do this”. Or, you can create friend groups and share who don’t want to drunk dial and why. That way, you’re at least only partly responsible.