Get Your Karaoke On!

Bring your audience with you and hold a private karaoke party in one of our karaoke pods. You and your friends can belt out the tunes on any occasion, whether that be your birthday, hen night or big night out in Leeds. You’ve got 8000 tracks to choose from; meaning you can stay the centre of attention for as long as your voice lasts! Get up for a spirited duet with your best friends or impress colleagues with your mad vocal skills in your very own karaoke booth. Karaoke in Leeds just got a whole lot more fun – get up, stand up and dance the night away. You don’t even have to leave your pod to get drinks delivered to you, at the touch of a button you can have anything you heart desires. Now that’s Tiger Tiger magic. Grab your friends, find your tune and start singing – pump up the jam!


Lucky Voice

Party in your own private pod. Choose from over 8000 songs and order drinks at the touch of a button.

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Tiger Tiger Pornstar Martini

Explore our latest signature and classic cocktails creations. Plus selected wine, beers, bubbles and party shooters.

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