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Tiger Tiger Newcastle

The Jewel of the North

Unleash your inner tiger in our seven spectacular party rooms in Tiger Tiger Newcastle. Get into the island spirit with Kanaloa bar indulge yourself in the opulent Jewel Bar or get into the groove in Groovy Wonderland. There's always the Tiger Kitchen to keep you happy with all our belly busting favourites. We've created Tiger Tiger Newcastle to be your very own playground of fun and frivolity - all with killer cocktails and banging tunes. Enjoy a night out in Newcastle like no other with our legendary party bar, you could even be snapped and added to our Tiger gallery. It's a night into the unknown, so make sure you join us for the crazy journey! Tiger Tiger Newcastle is a jungle waiting to be explored. Join in the fun with your mates and make a booking today - we'll get the table ready.

Tiger Tiger Newcastle

Have a great time in Tiger Tiger Newcastle and book yourself in for one of the best Birthday parties, hen nights or big nights out in Newcastle you'll ever have. Our professional party planners will help you create a memorable and fun night that is sure to earn a legendary status amongst your friends. Take full advantage of our fabulous range of rooms and create a party exactly the way you want it.