The 30 Second History Of The Mojito

The 30 Second History Of The Mojito

Any Excuse to Make Drinking a Learning Experience

Did you know? A mojito is a traditional drink with five simple ingredients: rum, sugar, limejuice, water, and mint that was initially invented by that pinnacle of English bravery and honour Sir Francis Drake. The mojito itself can be traced back to a 16th century drink called “El Draque” – The Dragon – Drake’s nickname from the Spanish and is in essence the modern day mojito in all its glory. We don’t wonder if the name isn’t in part due to the fire that a good mojito has too.

Drake’s version was naturally slightly different in that it didn’t have any water, sadly Tudor water was terribly unsafe to drink and not the best for flavouring your cocktails. Therefore it was pure rum, not a bad alternative. Drake then added limes to combat scurvy, which is a disease that comes from a vitamin C deficiency and affected many sailors – good to know that your weekly Mojito is firmly one of your five a day. The lime and little bit of sugar that were added also helped the drink to taste better/less alcoholic.

This was “El Draque” which many historians believe led to the modern day mojito! So, next time you are sipping on the fine concoction or trying to entice an unsuspecting companion be sure to whip out your newly acquired historical knowledge as an excuse to raise another glass to that fine chap – Sir Francis Drake!!

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