4 ways to enhance your Valentine’s Day

4 ways to enhance your Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re happily (or not) single, or all loved up, we’ve got a sure fire way to make certain you are feeling the love this Valentine’s!

1. Treat yourself

Ok so it’s February. You have been eating right, working on your new work goals, or maybe just trying to remain positive in these winter months. Go you! Now it’s time to treat yourself, and enjoy something special for your efforts. Take a break from all your hard work, and treat yourself to a massage, an extra slice of cake or that pair of shoes you stare at lovingly every morning on the way to work.

2. Plan a girl’s night out

Get the gang together, and remember that as much as you may love your significant other, you’ve always got time for our gal pals. Nothing beats those nights when everyone gets ready at someone’s house, each of your friends arriving with a bag full of makeup and clothes bigger than the last. You share a bottle or two of prosecco-oh! And help each other get ready, even if it’s just through super supportive comments like “babe you look great!”

3. Go wild

Once out, you can go a little wild – we’re not called Tiger for nothing! Hearing your friends scream “no wait this is my favourite song” before rushing to the next room and saying the same thing is all part and parcel of the night. Enjoy some girly cocktails, a boogie, and then maybe a snack break which consists of all the chips and burgers in our restaurants. However you want to do it, go wild with the gang and enjoy yourselves, after all, Valentines is about enjoying time with the ones you love!

4. Love yourself!

Perhaps this is the most important of all. Remember to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. It’s important to surround yourself with people who love you, but also to take some time to reflect on all the things that make you uniquely you, the things you have achieved already and the dreams that you are still working away at. Happy Valentines from all of us, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Love Tiger xx